We've been busy putting together the Inc. 500 issue, and as a result I've seen a lot of cool stuff that I haven't gotten a chance to blog about. Hence, the cool stuff roundup.

Recycled Laptop Sleeves. Kena Kai is launching a new line of notebook sleeves made of recycled plastic bottles. They're available in three sizes: 10.8-inches ($25), 13.3-inches ($30), and 15.4 inches ($35). They have a felted look so it's rather obvious they're made from recycled plastic ... which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. If you feel like buying me one, I've got a 13-inch MacBook and a 14-inch Dell; both could use a little recycled love.

Cheap Promotional Items. If you want to put your logo on pens, keychains, buttons, coffee cups, handheld fans, bag clips, foam visors, bottle openers, or pretty much anything else, but don't want to spend a lot of money, check out UnderABuck.com. Everything starts at, you guessed it, under a buck. My favorite is the promotional syringe pen.

A Nifty Speaker for Your iPhone or iPod Touch. I finally got a chance to try the portable Livespeakr, which launched in February. Your iPhone or iPod Touch can snap right into the cradle, which can be turned horizontally or vertically. (View it at Engadget.) It's shielded against radiofrequency interference, so the cell signal won't get in the way of your tunes. The company says the rechargeable battery lasts up to 16 hours, although I didn't test that myself. All in all, the sound quality was pretty good for such a small device. It's on sale at Amazon for $84.99. Buy it now; next Friday, you can leave work early and take it to the beach.

Çordless Charging for your iPhone or BlackBerry. If there is an easy way to charge an iPhone, I know not what it is. WildCharge just launched skins that fit snugly on the iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry Curve, or BlackBerry Pearl. Just plop the phone, skin-on, onto the WildCharge wireless charging mat, and voila, it starts charging. You can buy the mat and skin for $79.99, or just the skin for $34.99; check out the store here.