When I got a look at Nokia's N97 at CES earlier this year, it seemed pretty cool. And a lot of other reviewers thought so, too. (You can check out my video demo below.) But that was before the fabulous Palm Pre came out, not to mention the new iPhone 3G S. The N97 wasn't immediately available in the US so full-fledged reviews are just now starting to come out, and yesterday Gizmodo called it "doomed":

Nokia has to know where it stands. At least, assuming somebody actually used the N97 before it went out the door. ... [The operating system] only makes sense if it's a stopgap keeping Nokia in the game (barely) until they put out an actual next-generation OS... That's the only way I can fathom them releasing something this unusable into a world populated by the iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and BlackBerry.