A few months ago, I got a demo of a new free bookkeeping software called Outright. While a lot of Inc. readers are probably using more advanced accounting software, Outright is aimed at super-small-business owners, a.k.a the self-employed. The program makes it really easy to track income and expenses and estimate quarterly taxes. It also integrates with Freshbooks invoicing software and Shoeboxed.

It's an ideal tool for folks who are graduating from Excel spreadsheets or, worse, the receipts-in-a-shoebox approach. My friend Ben Yarrow, of Yarrow Communications, is a case in point. I told him about Outright and he loves it — he actually said that it's fun. "Bookkeeping is not my favorite part of the entrepreneurial experience, yet I have spent many entertaining and surprisingly enjoyable hours with Outright," Yarrow told me. "It feels good to be organized and to finally have a picture of my finances."

Try it, and let us know what you think.