Like the iPhone, the Pre has a notably short battery life. But there are a few ways to boost it. Laptop Magazine suggests changing the sync setting, so the phone checks for new messages less often.

You can also log out of instant messaging, turn off Bluetooth and GPS, or reduce the screen's brightness. CNET offers a video demo that shows how to do some of these things. Pre Central also suggests, counterintuitively, that turning the WiFi on in an area of good WiFi coverage could extend the Pre's battery as well.

But reader Angela Gonzales of Grayslake, Illinois-based GFXI has found another method. She has found that as long as she charges the phone while it is turned off—and charges it completely before using it—the Pre keeps the charge through the day. "We LOVE the Pre and love learning new things every day with it," she wrote me today.

Have you found any other ways to improve battery life on the iPhone or the Palm Pre?