It's gadget season. Last week, I attended the New York City preview of the annual Consumer Electronics Show, which will take place in early January in Las Vegas, and tonight I'll be at the Pepcom tech showcase. We'll be featuring more detailed write-ups and reviews of many of the best new products in the print magazine in the coming months, but I'll also be blogging about interesting items on Quick Hits.

One thing I noticed at the CES preview is that Global Positioning Systems are still a hot item even though they've been around for a while. One interesting new gadget at the preview was Rand McNally's Intelliroute TND 500 Navigation system. The system, designed for trucking businesses, finds roads and bridges that accommodate truck, height, and weight. It also takes into account hazardous cargo. The Intelliroute is available on and costs $499.99 for a 5-inch portable GPS device, windshield mount, truck charger, home chrager, and USB cable.

Check out The Goods this February for more information about GPS for consumers.