Today, Peek, maker of the eponymous e-mail and texting device, announced the debut of a new Tweet-dedicated gadget called the TwitterPeek. The device, which comes in charcoal or aqua, has a color screen and a push-button keyboard. It provides instant Tweet delivery and operates on its own high speed wireless network, so you don't need a WiFi signal to stay up to date on the latest Tweets. It is now available on and for $199.95 with lifetime service included or $99 for six months of service and $7.95 a month thereafter.

Of course, the obvious question is who would actually buy the TwitterPeek when most Twitter fans most likely have a smartphone. Based on the wording of the press release from Peek, the company is targeting "Twitter diehards," "newbies" who couldn't figure out how to use Twitter on their phones, and even businesses looking for a convenient way to "stay connected with their customers."

The bottom line: the TwitterPeek seems well designed, but with dedicated devices going the way of the dinosaurs, I have a hard time believing it will replace many smartphones as a primary method of Tweeting.