Last week, online document marketplace DocStoc launched a new platform that lets anyone sell professional and business documents on the site.

To start selling in the DocStore, simply sign up for a free account and begin uploading documents onto the site (you also can embed DocStore documents on your website). DocStoc handles all the financial transactions and sends you a check at the end of each month. Sellers keep 100 percent of all sales for the first 60 days, with no hidden fees. After that, you'll split sales evenly with the store, which will send you a check for your 50 percent of sales in any given month. You can set any price you'd like for your documents, those most on the site sell for between $15 and $30. You also can track sales on a personalized dashboard.

Of course, the store won't let you sell just any document. All documents posted for sale are reviewed by DocStoc. If a document is not approved, you'll receive an email with an explanation for the rejection.