Most of us have experienced a sense of panic as the holidays approach: Will my last-minute online purchases get here in time? Did I remember to buy that scarf for Grandma?  Slice, a service that launched in May, has introduced an iPhone app that helps you organize all of your purchase information in one place and track shipments.

Here’s how it works: After you download the app and sign up for Slice with your Gmail or Yahoo! Mail account, the service will automatically scan your inbox and pull information about recent purchases. Then, you can open the Slice app on your iPhone to view the information in one place, along with a map of shipments in progress. The app sends push notifications to your phone when a purchase has shipped and when it gets delivered.  You can also use it to access electronic receipts and information about returns.

Slice currently works with hundreds of online stores, including Amazon and It can also track purchases made through daily deal sites Groupon and Living Social. You can forward email confirmations from other merchants to Slice and the service will add the purchase information to your account. Slice says it uses the same encryption security as major U.S. financial institutions and does not access credit card data or store passwords for any of your email or merchant accounts.

Don’t have an iPhone? Slice recently launched the All My Purchases app, which lets you track shipments in Yahoo! Mail. Or, you can keep tabs on purchases on Slice’s website. All three offerings are free.