Keeping track of the music stored on various computers and mobile devices can be a pain. This week, Amazon unveiled Cloud Drive and Cloud Player, two services that let you store music in the cloud and access it from any Web browser or Android device. You can upload your music library to the Cloud Drive from a Mac or PC, or buy songs on Amazon's MP3 Store and save it to the drive. Then, you can use Cloud Player to create playlists and stream tunes from a computer or mobile device that runs on the Android operating system. (As of now, you cannot upload songs from mobile devices.)

How much does it cost? You'll get 5GB of free Cloud Drive storage for free. (Purchases from Amazon's MP3 Store are stored for free and do not count against your quota.) After that, plans range from $20 a year for 20GB of storage to $1,000 a year for 1,000GB of storage. Amazon is currently running a promotion that gives you 20GB of storage free for a year if you buy an album from the Amazon MP3 Store.