Dockers recently launched a contest that will present one winner with $100,000 to accomplish a goal, such as starting a business. To enter, go to the Wear the Pants tab on the Dockers Facebook page and summarize your goal and how you plan to achieve it in 400 characters or less. Then encourage your Facebook friends to vote for you. The top 50 plans, by votes, will make it to the semi-final round. A panel of judges will then select five finalists, and the Facebook community will vote for the winner. You must enter your plan by March 15; the winner will be chosen May 2.

Dockers is also running a weekly contest that gives tools, products, services, or cash valued up to $2,000 to help people accomplish their goals. You can apply for a so-called Man Grant on the Dockers Facebook page each week until November 24. A total of 43 winners will receive the prize, along with a free pair of Dockers.

Both contests are open to both men and women.