Today, Central Desktop announced a new collaboration tool that lets you save, edit, and share Microsoft Office documents in the cloud. The service is similar to Google Docs, but integrates right into Microsoft applications. If you're in Word, for example, you can access and save files based in the cloud by clicking on the Central Desktop ribbon located right in the application. Each time you save a new version of the document in Word, Central Desktop creates a revision, making it easy to review past versions. Anyone who has the same document open will receive a notification that it has been edited. They can then preview the changes and accept or reject them, and also make comments that appear in a panel next to the document. The service, due out in June, will work with anyversion of Microsoft Office. To test a beta version of the service, go to the Central Desktop site. For more on the new Microsoft Office suite, read Outlook 2010: 5 Handy Features.