Collaboration tool Yammer has announced Yammer Connect, a suite of plug-ins that let you integrate Yammer’s capabilities into other business applications.

One of the first plug-ins available, Yammer Embed, delivers realtime Yammer feeds to the company intranet, CRM tools, content management systems, and other business applications. You can view, post, and reply to messages in the feed, just as you would on the Yammer site. The plug-in, which is currently in free beta testing, is compatible with HTML or JavaScript-based systems that support extensibility. Embedded feeds automatically adjust in size to fit the amount of space available.

Yammer also introduced a new Java Script API that lets you add the Yammer Login Button to any application, allowing you to bring your Yammer identity and profile information with you. The Login Button and the Yammer JavaScript API are available immediately. For more information, check out the Yammer Apps page.