Labor Day weekend is a good time to carve out for reflection. While getting some much needed relaxation and eating what's hot off the grill, reflect not only on the achievements of all that you and colleagues have labored on, but also on the future fruits of your labor. Here are some shifts to consider making in the future of all that you labor to do:

1. From Silos to Ambiguous Confident- Do an inventory of all silos in your company and identify where and how you can begin to make alliances and find complementarity. This may feel awkward and ambiguous at first because it requires acknowledgement of what we don't know. Becoming ambiguous confident is part of being a great leader and bridging silos. It will lead to a more inclusive work culture.

2. From Specialists & Skill-Set to Tribes & Purpose- Deep specialization has been ingrained in us because of our educational system. But more schools and colleges are recognizing the need to educate for cross-functionality and T-shaped thinkers. Find your tribe with analogous skills to yours- and get excited about seeking out tribe mates beyond your typical sector or geographic constraints. My tribe consists of people in different time zones and subject matter expertise. It's our outlook and motivation that connect us.

3. From Procedural to Improvisational- Process and policy are definitely important: they are markers for boundaries and give direction especially in times of crises. However, creating fluid structures that allow employees to anticipate needs and empower them to deliver solutions resulting in customer-love is golden. The most dynamic organizations are those that are improvisational, and operate more like a jazz quintet.

Enjoy Labor Day and begin planting these seeds for a new type of labor.