Anyone working in home retail will have tales of frustration with shoppers who seem unable to visualize how that new sofa or carpet will look in their home.

Life would be much easier for both retailers and consumers if technology could help us visualize our home's potential. Whether it be adding furnishings or changing home decor, it's the personalization of our world that we find valuable.

This is where an iOS app called Rooomy steps forward to offer a solution to consumers, retailers, and real estate agents. Essentially, the app is a decorating and virtual staging platform that utilizes it's patented core technology to convert 2D photos or scans into 3D models.

The designer ecosystem enjoys a broad appeal for those searching for a new home or wanting to re-design their existing abode. The ability to see exactly how the design in your head would look in reality complete with purchasable furnishings has the potential to be a game-changer for the industry.

Rooomy is incredibly easy to use, and the results are often breathtakingly lifelike. Visualizing how all of your items will look using this 3D tool will certainly make you think twice before buying an expensive sofa on a whim. The visual results have been a huge hit on Instagram where the platform has over 108,000 followers.

When looking at buying a property, we often struggle to see the blank canvas forget our first impressions. This e-decorating tool that comes complete with a virtual catalog containing thousands of branded items allows users to fully understand the potential of the property before they live there.

The virtual catalog is already full of household names urging Rooomy users to check out their products. I would imagine that this list will grow dramatically as the traditional shop window evolves to adapt in this digital age. Lazy brokers could alternatively pay a fee to have someone professionally e-decorate the rooms to help buyers visualize the property to snag a quick sale.

E-decorating space with a large range of products from some of today's leading furniture brands will be incredibly attractive to both retailers and real estate firms.

Users have the ability to add a virtual couch from the Rooomy's catalog. But if they decide to purchase the item, the company will make a small amount of money on an affiliate basis. There are many possibilities for all parties involved with Rooomy and in many ways, it's easy to see how everyone could be a winner.

The most impressive aspect of the app is the photorealistic quality combined with the ease to rearrange and design the rooms to personalize your future home. Buying a home and furniture usually involves a sizeable investment. Anything that makes these big decisions easier to make can only be a good thing.

Although its very early days for Rooomy, the ability to design, view, and purchase home furnishings, as well as view and virtually stage properties, could revolutionize the industry. We'll soon find out if it succeeds.

Check out my interview with Rooomy co-founder Peter Aarts, who discusses his tech startup journey and the future plans for this patented technology.