Back in January a cinematic storytelling device called Cinemood was labeled one of the 14 coolest gadgets for Generation Z at the CES event in Las Vegas. The innovative handheld cloud-connected projector was designed by parents who wanted to provide an alternative interface to technology.

The concept was to create an atmosphere of magic when reading bedtime stories by making the ceiling comes alive. The use of educational entertainment --"edutainment" -- to teach children right from wrong through the art of storytelling while also unleashing their imagination created an early buzz.

An Indiegogo campaign followed in March. CINEMOOD quickly smashed through their target in only two weeks. Crowdfunding enabled the simple concept of a family-friendly mini cinema projector to become a reality as it heads into production.

The compact projector comes with built-in WiFi. Under the hood, it runs on Android KitKat with 1GB of RAM storage. Fitting in the palm of your hand and weighing in at only 250 grams it's hard not to be blown away by seeing it deliver a cinematic performance onto your wall.

Parents are now becoming increasingly concerned with their children staring down at a screen. Could turning their wall into a cinematic educational experience offer a suitable alternative?

There will inevitably be a handful of gadget mad parents who will convince themselves they need this in their life for educational purposes. The sales pitch of carefully curated cartoons, audiobooks, digital books and fairytale adventures might be just enough to convince their partner. But I wonder how many adults will be buying one for themselves?

There is an option to add personal content (mp4, avi, mp3, pdf, jpeg, png), via USB. Meanwhile apps allow you to control the projector or even send video messages. With the added ability to view family albums from their social media accounts, maybe the kids will have trouble wrestling this gizmo from their parents.

Digital books that play on the ceiling along with video content would certainly revamp pyjama parties. But I wonder how many parents will use it for late night movies?

Crowdfunding is proving to be the perfect path to test ideas with the real world. The campaigns that enable us to interact with technology in a more dynamic and engaging way are increasingly proving to be a big hit online.

CINEMOOD has now entered production after being financed by nearly 500 members of the global community. The eclectic mix of technology innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is proving to be a killer combination.

Only time will tell if the small, portable cloud-connected projector will prove to be a hit with both kids and adults on a larger international scale. But the ability to add your own content or pick up virtual DLC should be enough to keep both happy.

Check out my podcast interview with CINEMOOD CEO Mike Bukhovtsev. We talk about his digital fairytale that gathered 15 experts from the content, hardware and software industries. This international team from San Francisco, South Korea, Denmark and Russia illustrates that geographical barriers can no longer stop a great idea from being a success.