The rise of microbreweries ​is primarily responsible for a craft beer revolution where people have taken an active interest in the brewing process. Newcomers who have traditionally been put off by the long inventory list required to make their own beer finally have another option.

With Fathers Day and summer barbecues approaching, there is now an attractive alternative for those that have no room in their life for the hassle of fermenting buckets, power kegs, hydrometers, messy kitchens and unhappy partners.

The German startup Brewbarrel continues to build an international business on the back of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign. The innovative, customizable home brewing kit offers over 100,000 different possible combinations of ingredients that can be ready to drink in just one week.

A combination of technology and innovation allows users to customize their individual order online. The concept of homebrew without the mess combined with unparalleled personalization appears to be Brewbarrel's secret formula to success.

It was Kickstarter that enabled the team to build bulk orders outside of their native Germany. Once again this journey illustrates how its never been easier for those with entrepreneurial ideas to pursue their dream.

The innovative homebrew kit from Germany seems to tick all of the boxes for modern consumers. Every package offers a unique method to personalize and customize the taste of their beer. Meanwhile, the brewing process is simplicity itself by giving users drinkable beer in just seven days.

There are a growing number of drinkers who would want to offer something a little more sophisticated than a six pack when hosting a party. Many are instantly attracted to the wealth of options that will dominate conversations at a social gathering.

The only downside is that personalization and convenience come at a price. Many have questioned if there is a demand for a 5-liter mini-keg that people are willing to pay a premium price. But it's also important to remember that you cannot purchase a wheat beer with grapefruit from your local supermarket.

There an increasing awareness that Brewbarrel could act as a gateway to traditional homebrew. The company has something else up their sleeve that will allow them to evolve with their customers. Hobbyists that want to step up to make larger volumes of around 40 pints will soon be able to purchase beers styles and ingredients kits for favored by seasoned home brewers.

What interests me about this concept is how technology and innovation are bringing a social aspect to a traditional past-time. The possibilities of creating something unique from 100,000 different combinations delivers a wide-range of talking points to any social gathering.

There is also an increase of "brew-Ins" where friends check-out different brewing systems or sample a few unusual beers. Whether you are searching for an usual Fathers Day gift or want to dip your toes into the world of homebrew, it seems that Brewbarrel has stumbled onto a winning formula in a world where we want to simplify and personalize everything.

These entrepreneurs are aiming to achieve an annual turnover of 10 million Euros by 2017. But are also searching for U.S. investors that might be able to help introduce Brewbarrel to the other side of the Atlantic too.

Check out my podcast interview with Co-Founder Wolfgang Westermeyer. We talk about his Kickstarter journey and quest to take Brewbarrel's huge success in Europe over to the United States too.

Published on: Jun 17, 2016
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