Carol Leaman is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of Axonify.  Having turned down a role at  Google, she proudly declared that the secret to her success is walking away from the easy route. With a clear passion for solving problems and helping early stage tech companies grow into something special, it seems that Axonify is the perfect fit for her.

Known for building start-ups from scratch and turning them into multi-million dollar successes, we shouldn't be too surprised to see Axonify shaking up the world of employee training by delivering tangible results. 

The secret sauce of bringing corporate courses into the 21st century consists of brain science, adaptive learning, re-learning, gamification, and microlearning.

Anyone that has attended a corporate training day, only to find their mind drifting on mid-afternoon will know that the current learning system simply doesn't work. Our short attention spans are preventing us from effectively acquiring large volumes of knowledge in one long event.
This digital age is also encouraging the personalization of everything to ensure that we are treated as unique individuals. If this is our world now, why do businesses persist with one-time event based learning? And how we expect a large group with unique learning styles to make sense of the firehose of information sent their way and wonder why they do not retain the information?

Axonify is trailblazing innovations in eLearning by introducing the world's first employee knowledge platform. There are three core brain science concepts wrapped in 20 game mechanics needed to maximize memory retention as fast as possible. 

The system delivers three minutes of personalized learning every day that concentrates on memory retention, changing behavior, and driving performance. Providing employees with the right knowledge to perform their role along with gently encouraging behavior change is already making a huge difference.

Focusing on the strength, needs and weaknesses of employees are the keys to successful learning. Axonify also tracks everything on the platform to ensure the manager will know what their staff does not know. This simple approach drives contents towards knowledge gaps until they are ready to move to the next topic 

For the employee knowledge platform to be a success, businesses need to create measurable business goals. For example, Walmart wanted to reduce accidents in their 150 distribution centers. By using Axonify's platform to teach all staff members about health and safety, they reduced accidents by 50% in only six months

Elsewhere, Toyota wanted to increase sales of its 25,000 sales dealers. Once again the personalized training helped the company increase sales by two cars a month across each of its sales dealers. These are just a few stories that illustrate how using innovative learning methods can dramatically increase revenue or reduce costs across a business.

Once again, technology and innovation are bringing positive change to a traditional industry. Organizations that adopt this new way of thinking and learning could enjoy a measurable competitive advantage over other businesses. 

There is also an argument that treating staff as a unique individual with bespoke teaching methods to fit their learning style could also attract more talented and loyal employees.

Most businesses are desperately trying to gather as much data as possible, but seldom realize the hidden value inside their internal data.  Whether it be increasing sales, customer service or streamlining legacy processes, It's clear there is much more to Axonify than gamifying  employee learning.

Check out my conversation with Axonify CEO Carol Leaman on my podcast. It seems that trading a role at Google for a life of insecurity and unpredictability was possible her best decision. We also talk about her journey and being featured in the W100 list of Canada's top female entrepreneurs.