Alfresco Software is an open source enterprise content management (ECM) platform that first appeared on the scene over a decade ago. Alfresco manages over 7 billion documents and powers the daily tasks of more than 11 million users worldwide. The company is armed with a client list that includes NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Nike.

A modern quandary for businesses is understanding the need to be agile and pivot to stay ahead of their competitors. But equally, they still have to deal with the stringent government and industry regulatory compliance requirements in these times where data security is also paramount.

IT systems often frustrate business units with their demands to keep information locked down. Is there a tool that allows businesses to secure information but also allows users to collaborate with each other easily? This is the problem that Alfresco Software's CEO Doug Dennerline wanted to solve when he joined the company in 2013.

An awareness of the increasing number of problems caused by carrying on regardless with the old way of doing things was his inspiration to pave the way for a more efficient future. Dennerline is particularly proud of Alfresco's almost limitless ability to grow on demand depending on business requirements.

"After our 1.2 Billion document deployment on Amazon Web Services, we proved we can scale to any sized company in the world," Dennerline says.

Document management will always struggle to appear exciting in a digital age. However, the reality is that the information lifecycle for documents is an integral aspect of running a business. Alfresco is attempting to disrupt the content management market by simplifying and strengthening compliance across the entire lifecycle of documents.

Ensuring that new and legacy applications seamlessly integrate to share information on the platform was the simple objective in this age of the API. An open source strategy recognizes that every customer will have unique requirements and provides an element of freedom to shape the product to suit their personal needs.

Back in 2014, the open source, enterprise content management startup secured an additional $45 million in a Series D round that was twice as big as all of its previous rounds put together.

As the digital transformation gathers pace, there is a realization that the sharing of resources and products needs to be seamless. Both information and process silos are ultimately slowing companies down and preventing progress.

In my podcast, I recently spoke to him about the speed and scale of the cloud, Alfresco's business, and the challenges of building a diverse team.