People no longer browse the web exclusively on a desktop computer; they now drift from numerous devices and screens seamlessly. It's great for the user. But it's proving tough for organizations to manage the wealth of data from individual users across multiple streams.

According to W3 Techs, Google Analytics now has an 82.8% share of the website traffic analysis market. Meanwhile, the social media behemoth Facebook is continuously growing in the world of mobile to become a credible threat to the search engine's core advertising revenue.

IBM, Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe are also providing so-called "cloud solutions" that aim to simplify advertising data. Although Google famously earned a reputation in a world dominated by desktops, a strong presence in the exciting mobile advertising market was long overdue.

Right on cue, Google announced on Tuesday, March 15 that the Analytics 360 Suite represents a marketing analytics and data toolbox consisting of six separate engines (four of which are brand new). Many are describing this as a significant milestone for Google, which has embarked on a mission to deliver the right message at the right moment to users.

These messages are referred to as "intent-rich micro-moments." that enable the processing of data in real time to encourage users to make faster decisions.

Before making even the smallest purchase, we instinctively turn to our nearest device for assistance. If you want to learn how to do something or even perform a little research on your next big vacation, the chances are you will head over to YouTube on your smartphone.

These micro-moments hold the key to understanding consumer behavior. This knowledge has the potential to unlock a wealth of opportunities in a digital age where insights rather than data are the new currency.

Vice President of Analytics, Display, and Video Products Paul Muret recently advised in a blog post for Inside AdWords : "Sophisticated marketers who use analytics platforms are 3X more likely to outperform their peers in achieving revenue goals."

We should not underestimate this new measurement platform that is purpose-built for mobile. Over the years, our digital habits have evolved and those that understand our unique micro-moments will have a significant advantage over the competition.

Home computers are unable to provide us with the answers we need when we are mobile. Both our world and expectations have evolved along with an insatiable thirst for instant gratification.

Tech-savvy shoppers researching products on smartphones when making in-store purchases is a reality that brings both opportunities and challenges for marketers. Google's focus on micro-moments is a game-changing strategy to adapt to the changing habits of it's users.

Just like our usage, the Google Analytics 360 Suite will continue to evolve. The micro-moments that rule all our lives have become big business and represent the 21st-century customer journey.

Knowing whatever you want to do, learn or buy and wherever you want to go has become a lucrative business. We are all persons of interest now, and this illustrates why the latest announcement is an important milestone in Google's history.