Studies have proven our dogs can help us lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. Many owners will also freely admit that our canine friends have more personality and are more loyal than their spouse.

N ational Dog Day celebrates all dogs, mixed breed and pure. Since 2004, dog lovers highlight August 26th in their calendars to pay homage to the dogs that selflessly save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort every day.

It often feels like dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to understanding our emotions. But how much do we know about our pets? For example, how can you tell if your best friend is too hot on a summers day?

Communicating with our pets could be about to become much easier with the new smart pet collar called Kyon. The device recently picked up an IDSA award, but it's the communication between man and his best friend that is proving to be incredibly popular with dog lovers.

Embedded GPS technology makes it easy to track the exact location of your pooch at all times. If your best friend should wander from the safe zone of your home, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Heat sensors also allow pet owners to receive alerts on their phone of exactly how their dog is feeling. Being alerted if your dog is dangerously hot, cold, or even thirsty will be seen as a great aid for those who want to better understand their pet.

The Kyon app also allows users to add reminders for vet visits, medication, or even when it's time for a walk. Some have likened the collar to an Apple watch for your dog. But is this such a bad thing?

As humans, we are turning to wearable tech to measure our physical and emotional well-being. If this same technology can be utilized to communicate better with pets that provide unconditional love to us, then maybe we should think before dismissing the idea.

Technology is now enabling us to record data about the lifestyle of both humans and animals. The biggest change here is that we are becoming more proactive to prevent problems before they occur. A few years ago we waited until there was something wrong before expecting a doctor, or in this case a vet, to fix it.

Analyzing unique lifestyle data to prevent future illness represents a huge change in our thinking. It's only natural to expand this technology into pet health too.

Receiving notifications of "I'm hot" or "I need a walk" might even wake a few owners up to the fact that they are neglecting their best friend while face-down scrolling down their Facebook newsfeed.

Most owners have secretly wished their pets could answer them when in some form of distress. Could this innovative smart collar give your give pets a voice?

Technology famously works best when it brings people together. Today is the day where people stop looking at kitten videos on YouTube and post selfies with the hashtag #NationalDogDay. Maybe technology is bringing us closer to our pets too.

On my podcast, KYON CEO,Leon Yohai talks about how his 9-year-old Maltese was the inspiration behind the Kyon smart pet collar. After smashing his Kickstarter target and flying around the world sourcing materials to create the perfect collar, it has been an incredible journey for the entrepreneur.

A simple desire to understand how his dog was feeling might have accidentally created a pet health tech industry in the process.