Feeling the office blues?

It's okay. It is an unfortunate reality that most U.S. workers spend long hours in the office, working themselves to death until they become office zombies.

Because of the long hours and often tedious tasks, employees feel tired and burned out from work so cultivating a set of healthy habits that will revitalize your body and stimulate your mind is paramount for workplace success.

Start developing these very simple habits every day, and you'll be living a future full of empowerment and contentment no matter how stressful your work becomes:

Tip #1: Don't Snooze

Don't set your alarm clock to triple snoozes.

This disrupts your REM sleep and confuses your body creating a destructive and draining habit.

Instead, go to bed at an appropriate time. Understand the importance of sleep for performance and give your body ample time to rest.

You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Tip #2: Dress for Success

If you feel good about the way you look, you feel empowered and ready to take on the day's big challenges.

Before you go to bed at night, pick out that tie and collared shirt or dress. Take time in the morning to shave or do your hair.

Do the things that will make you feel confident, and that will translate into your confidence and affect at work.

Research has shown that people who regularly dress well and take care of their appearance tend to earn more than their peers.

Tip #3: Eat Breakfast

Want to know why you're angry and unalert at work?

Maybe it is because you are running on nothing but a donut, and a triple bypass frappe mochaccino.

The nutrition you intake plays a huge factor in your productivity. I start every morning with a healthy breakfast full of natural fats (think avocados, whole eggs, and coconut oil) a green smoothie, and one cup of coffee.

The fats are fantastic for your brain's performance and overall wellbeing, the green smoothie will give you a burst of consistent energy and help to get nutrients into your body quickly.

Why the coffee? It's delicious, packed with antioxidants, and will give you the "pick me up" that you need to make it to work with a smile.

Tip #4: Don't Compare

Researchers have found that when employees begin talking about their salaries and compare notes, they become increasingly discontent in the workplace.

Focus on yourself. What other people are doing is none of your business, your only concern should be with your own performance.

If you want a raise, then deserve it and ask for it, but do not fall into the sinkhole of comparing yourself to other people.

Tip #5: Go For A Walk

If you want to boost productivity, then get out of your chair every now and then.

Even if you have a standing desk (which is an excellent health benefit to your body), you still need to leave your work station area and take a walk.

Give yourself a break from the computer monitor or whatever you're doing and get the blood flowing so when you return to your desk, you'll have a fresher perspective on your work.

Tip #6: Meditate

It is commonly believed that you have to be a religious or spiritual person to meditate, but this is simply not true.

Meditation is simply the practice of stilling your mind, and disconnecting from stressful events.

It has been scientifically shown to increase happiness and improve your mental performance throughout the day.

If you are looking for an easy way to get started download the Headspace app and give the trial a go.

Tip #7: Do A Body Scan

Similar to meditation, body scanning is different in the sense that your focus is not on a visualization or your breath, but rather it is centered on your body.

Notice how your body feels, where are the points of tension and relaxation?

Do you feel alert or tired?

Just check in with your body every few hours and I promise your productivity will shoot through the roof and your sense of peace will increase with it.

Tip #8: Talk

Take a break and talk to your colleagues.

I don't mean sit there and run your mouth about the latest celebrity gossip.

I mean sit down face to face with someone and talk about meaningful issues. Find people that you enjoy being around and discuss your live's, your dreams, your goals, your struggles, and your triumphs.

Not only will this relax your mind and improve your performance, but it will likely leave you feeling more motivated and excited to get back to your work.

Tip #9: Be Professional

If you're always by the water cooler gossiping about Kim Kardashian, how in the world are you going to be productive?

Studies have shown that employees who gossip, talk about their co-workers in negative ways or who talk too much about their personal problems create tension and distrust.

So the bottom line is this: there is balance in everything. We all need to vent from time to time, but when you're at work, zip it.

You can talk and share your life with others, but keep it reigned in.

Tip #10: Stay Positive

This may sound trite, but optimism is essential to staying happy and productive at work.

This doesn't mean shouting affirmations in the mirror every morning. Rather, keep it simple. Start each work day -- as soon as you get into the office -- with the routine of writing down 2-5 things you are grateful for.

Look at them throughout the day to remind yourself of the positivity in your life.

Tip #11: Celebrate Others

Since you're celebrating the positivity in your life, spread that to other people. When you celebrate others, you feel good about yourself.

Celebrating others will also make you feel like you are a part of something bigger than just yourself at work, warding off feelings of isolation and depression.


And speaking of wins...

Tip #12: Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate all of the small wins of the day -- even if it means smiling at yourself in the mirror and saying "Good job!" or patting yourself on the back.

Do something to reward yourself and mark the accomplishment of small wins -- even if it's just successfully going through all of your emails! This actually matters because you are reinforcing your habits by reward yourself.

Tip #13: Be Kind to Yourself

At the end of the day, no one can do it all.

Recognize your humanity, and own be easy on yourself for failing to be a superhero.

Tip #14: Be Accountable

Want to be more productive or more efficient?

Ask someone in your office to be your accountability partner. This could be your boss or another co-worker.

Create a system for accountability so that people will have something to expect from you.

If you want extra incentives to hit your goals, add in risk to keep you accountable. Tell your friends about your goals, or use an accountability app like Stickk.

Tip #15: Leave Work at Work

Don't make your life all about work. It will be there when you return after the weekend.

Make a life outside work so that you have a fresh perspective.

Work at work. Play at home.


These daily routines may seem like they will take away more time than they are worth, but little by little, you will begin to see the benefits of increased productivity.

You will feel refreshed, energized and able to think more creatively and work more efficiently. Start small and grow in building these habits today!

Do you have any go-to habits that improve your productivity?