To effectively increase conversions with digital advertising, it takes more than a little trial and error.

You probably know by now that there is more to high-ROI Facebook campaigns than a pretty image and catchy headline.

To illustrate the point, let's look at three companies who massively improved their conversion rate from Facebook ads in just weeks or months.

After pouring through countless examples of Facebook ads that boosted conversions, I've picked my three favorites. These CRO case studies demonstrate the key elements of high-converting Facebook ad campaigns.

Let's dig in:

1. HubSpot

A major player in the B2B marketing automation space, HubSpot cemented its status as the industry leader with an effective Facebook marketing campaign.

Using a combination of Facebook Ads, the company grew sales by more than 70% in just three months.

The first step in HubSpot's marketing campaign was to create a Facebook page for their brand.

Once that was in place, they ran a series of Facebook ads to drive sales.

Here's why it worked:

HubSpot's Facebook Ads used clear calls to action to incentivize potential customers to like their Page.

For example, "Like HubSpot for exclusive webinar invites, blog updates, free ebooks & more!"

Who wouldn't want all that free stuff?

They then ran a series of A/B tests for all the Facebook ads in the campaign. First, they tested different age groups. Then, they targeted different roles, such as "marketing manager" or "chief marketing officer".

After nailing down demographics, they used attention-grabbing images with text overlays like "Sign up now!" and "Attend today!"

Taken together, these A/B tests led to increased conversions and consequently, rapid growth in sales. At the end of the campaign HubSpot had achieved the following:

  • 71% more sales (directly attributable to Facebook)
  • ROI increase of 15% from Facebook over the course of the campaign
  • 39% more website visitors from Facebook

Impressive numbers for just three months of work. Metrics, aside, HubSpot's new-found Facebook presence served as medium of conversation between the company and its audience.

Their Facebook page became a platform to announce important events, product updates, and solicit feedback and questions from customers.

2. AdEspresso

When it comes to ads, most Facebook marketers focus on the obvious: images and titles. However, ad copy can have a big impact on clicks and conversions, too.

AdEspresso ran a series of sidebar ads with the goal of increasing likes to their Facebook page. One sidebar ad in particular was underperforming. Despite an eye-catching image and clear ad title, the ad had yet to generate a single like.

Rather than ditch the ad altogether, Adespresso decided to split test the copy of the ad itself.

They tested two versions, A and B:

A (old copy): LIKE us for daily tips on how to improve your Facebook ad campaigns & increase your ROI!

B (new copy): LIKE us for pro tips on how to improve your Facebook ad campaigns today!

Whereas version A didn't get a single like, the updated copy (version B) drove 70 new likes in just one week (an increase of nearly 2%).

All it took was a few changes to the ad copy.

No new images.

No headline optimization.

Just the copy.

What changed? Well for one, people may not like getting "frequent updates" or "daily tips" as much as you think. It's just one step away from spam.

So next time you find yourself anxiously trying to get the perfect ad headline, consider testing the copy instead. It could seriously boost your conversation rate.

3. Samsung

The mobile phone industry is still one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, and it's also fiercely competitive.

Facing down the likes of Apple and Google, electronic giant Samsung sought to grow their audience in Latin America using a series of Facebook ad campaigns.

As part of the launch of its new Galaxy S6 smartphone in Argentina, Samsung used a series of Facebook video ads to bring in nearly 2,000 new customers.

Targeting young men and women, the goal of the campaign was two-fold: increase brand awareness in Argentina while driving traffic and sales to its website.

Samsung used three video ads in the campaign:

Video ad #1: "Next is now" showcasing the phone's stylish and unique design.

Video ad #2: "Camera", highlighting the new and improved camera design, with ultra-high resolution and shutter speed.

Video ad #2: "Quick charge" revealed that the S6's battery would last 50% longer than the next best competitor, and charge in a matter of minutes.

With the ads in place, Samsung reached more than 63% of its target audience. They retargeted those people with photo and video ads for the weeks that followed.

In just one month, they were able to reach 6.5 million people out of a target audience of 9 million.

The results were impressive:

  • Nearly 5X ROI from the ad campaign
  • Roughly 7% uptick in new customers

What's more, 18% more of their existing customer base reported remember the ads themselves, a testament to the effectiveness of the target audience, the retargeting efforts and the ads themselves.

With just a one month campaign, Samsung's Galaxy S6 established a foothold in the minds and pockets of Argentine smartphone users.


To benefit from these case studies, pick one or two points that relate most to your business goals and apply the lessons to your own Facebook ad campaigns.

Model their strategies, but stay flexible and make sure to customize everything for your website and target audience.

Facebook ad A/B testing is not something you'll nail overnight, but with a little patience and careful observation, it's a painless way for marketers to improve conversion rates on a Facebook page and website.

Did I miss any excellent examples of Facebook ads conversion rate optimization? Please let me know in the comments below!