As the founders of startups, we want to see our businesses take off quickly. But the truth is, it doesn't always work that way.

There are many frustrations involved in launching a business. Those challenges can set you back if you let them. Instead of getting discouraged and giving up, consider this: You can experience hockey-stick growth in your business today with these four expert tips.

With hard work and diligence in learning the tricks of the entrepreneurial trade, you will position your company to experience dramatic growth and new business. Sometimes the biggest challenges we entrepreneurs have to overcome is self-doubt and confidence that we can execute our biggest dreams.

I'm here to remind you that you can do these things. Follow these four tips to jumpstart your business and experience hockey-stick growth today.

Way #1: Deploy the joys of viral videos

Did you know that on Facebook alone video views have topped 8 billion views a day? That tells you something integral about the importance of video to your content marketing strategy.

Experiment with crowd-sourced and original videos on all of your communication platforms, including social media and blogs.

Videos are an incredible tool for communicating the value of your startup to your potential customers. The key is to keep your videos short, sweet and relevant.

Have fun and don't get bogged down in lengthy videos that go on forever.

Way #2: Build trust by being willing to be real

One of the biggest mistakes a startup owner can make is to withhold honesty. Sometimes you may not realize you're being dishonest in your communication with your customers.

It's really more about being willing to be vulnerable with your customers.

If you're willing to be just a little vulnerable with your customers, you'll reap huge benefits. That's because customers appreciate the nuance of subtle honesty. You're building trust with your customers with every vulnerable move you make.

Consider writing a blog where you tell your customers about your top five biggest mistakes in your journey. Tell them when you failed your customers and how you learned from it. Tell them something raw and revealing about yourself and you'll win.

You'll win over their hearts, and you'll earn a place to talk about why you can do business better today.

Way #3: Track your data and analyze it

Social media matters to your business. If you're not invested in at least two social medial platforms, you need to be today. Getting started is easy.

Commit to one platform at a time, such as Facebook, and go from there. As you post each day, you'll want to keep track of your metrics.

Important metrics to note include your audience size, the organic reach of your posts, and your engagement rate, including comments, likes, and shares.

By keeping track of key metrics of your social media you'll be able to better determine what kinds of content are appealing to your target audience. You can tweak your content based upon the performance of your posts.

Also an important lesson to note: If you are using cheap tricks with your content, you're likely to see a spike in audience and engagement in the short-term. But that rate won't hold fast in the long-term. To keep your audience, you'll need to give them content that is valuable to them.

Way #4: Be aggressive.

There are a lot of negative connotations attributed to aggressiveness. But it pays off to be this way when it comes to your startup.

If you want to experience growth quickly in your business, then you have to be willing to put yourself out there, to work long hours and to keep trying when everyone around you continues to say "no."

Don't think of your aggression as something negative.. Think of it as empowerment, as tenacity, as confidence. It's a proven fact that the top entrepreneurs today, those who have made it and continue to kill it in the industry, are the people who didn't back down.

It's true that your drive may annoy some of your customers. You'll need to account for that and to accept it as you move forward with building your business. But you also can't let it stop you.

You need to keep your goals in mind. Your startup and its success depends on you and your willingness to continue pushing through in spite of the struggles and obstacles before you. So you'll need to be strong.

Fight until you can't fight anymore. Be willing to stay up all night to close the deal. Run your baby business like it is a corporation that has been around for a decade or more. Your confidence will outweigh the customers you annoy.

You can win them back by your products and your services. Wow your doubters with your incredible outcomes and the value you add to your customers' lives. You won't regret taking the risk.


Who says you have to wait years to watch your business take off? The beauty of a startup is that the possibilities are endless.

That's never more true with these four tips for achieving hockey-stick growth for your company this year. It will take hard work and determination. But it also takes being able to accept the good that comes your way.

By investing these tips in your startup and staying in the right course, you'll expand your business and feel empowered along the way.

What marketing methods will you use to achieve hockey-stick growth?