I think I know where you're at right now. You just need some tactics, some inspiration, some breathing room. You're a content marketer, and you're pretty darn good. But sometimes, you just need a little shot in the arm to get you through the week.

This article is what you need.

I'm going to straight up give you some of the best tactics that I've used to boost my content marketing efforts. This is my own personal grab bag of goodies. Take them, use them, and see how it helps your content marketing this week.

1. Write an article that inspires, energizes, and fascinates you.

I write a ton. Emails, articles, guides, guest posts, etc. I've experienced the creative drain that can come from turning out a lot of content.

There's a great way to overcome this challenge, and it doesn't require that you cut back your content creation or even take a break. It simply requires you to write more.

Let me explain. When you produce creative work that energizes and inspires you, it actually helps you to write better. When you write better, people enjoy it more.

Here's an example. I wrote an article how spending $162,301.42 on clothes made me $692,500. It was fun to write, and a lot of people shared it. A lot of people also hated me for it, but that's okay.

The point is this: I wrote something that energized and inspired me, and I got paid back in shares, likes, and content marketing success.

Pick a topic or two that fascinates you, and write content. You'll be surprised at how easy it is, how fun it is, and the kind of success it produces.

2. Make an ebook in an afternoon.

Ebooks are a fixture in content marketing, and with good reason. People will gladly exchange their email address for a great PDF.

How do you create an ebook in an afternoon?

Easy. Just round up ten to twenty of your hottest blog posts, package them in a nice little PDF and make them available for download.

If you're not feeling too confident with your design skills, outsource the PDF creation to your design team, or someone on Upwork.

3. Promote your fans.

Your biggest content marketing asset are your fans, your readers, your subscribers, your followers, and whoever it is that's enjoying your content.

Give them some love.

  • Create an image that tells them how much you love 'em.
  • Tweet or message them directly/personally to thank them for being a part of your community.
  • Instead of using your email list to sell something, use it to say "thanks."

People love the value that you offer in their content, but they also love to be appreciated, welcomed, and recognized.

You'll feel a lot better for giving out some love, and they'll feel better for receiving it. Win/win, right?

4. Really make your images sizzle.

Want to know something that might make you feel sick? A lot of times, people don't read a word you write. All they do is look at the pictures.

Why? Because the brain processes images faster and easier than words. Should this make you despair? No, obviously, because the truly committed readers are going to hang on for the ride.

However, you should give your images a little extra TLC. Visual content -- image-rich articles, web pages, tweets, shares, etc.--are way more powerful.

Give your images some attention, and your content will get attention in return.

5. Write a case study.

Readers love case studies. It's like reality TV for content marketing--addictive, fascinating, and engaging.

A good case study doesn't need to be really difficult or in-depth. In fact you can write a compelling case study in 200-300 words.

Try this outline when you write your next case study

  1. Problem - What was problem you or your client faced?
  2. Resolution - What are the steps you took to resolve it?
  3. Outcome - What awesome things happened as a result?

Easy, right? Thirty minutes, 300 words, and presto.

Just be sure to add an image or three.

6. Spy on your competition for 30 minutes.

Give yourself permission to spy and steal. We can all use a little James Bond mojo in our lives, and these moves have a huge payout.

If "spy" and "steal" isn't your jam, let's call it "competitor analysis." A cheap and effective way is simply to go to their website and social profiles, glean some killer ideas, improve on them, and implement them into your own content marketing strategy.

A more sophisticated process is to purchase some high-tech spy tools like SpyFu or Compete. You can run some reports and analyze some data to pinpoint a competitive advantage.

7. Try a new platform.

Is there a new social media platform or content tool that you've wanted to try?

Give it a go.

The extra effort and experimentation could pay off in a huge way. If it doesn't, there's no loss. At least you tried.

The content marketing industry is constantly coming up with fresh and creative ways to engage with customers. It's a good idea to stay on top of these trends and tactics in order to sharpen your style, increase your reach, and expand your influence.


You've got it. This could be your best week of content marketing yet!

Be brave. Be bold. Unleash new stuff. Try things that scare you. Reject the haters. Push through the challenges. And give yourself some encouragement.

And next week? It's going to be even better.

What content marketing tips will help you get through this week?

Published on: Mar 17, 2016
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