Paid traffic can be a great way to improve your company's reach and revenue.

But if you do not know how to convert that traffic into paying customers, it can also be a great way to flush all of your company's revenue right down the toilet.

So how can you effectively and consistently convert paid traffic into profit for yourself and your business?

While there are a number of paid traffic techniques that you can use, today I am going to discuss a tactic that has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years.


If used effectively, webinars are one of the best ways to convert PPC traffic, engage with your audience, and build massive brand loyalty.

Step 1: Get People to Attend Your Webinars

The first step to converting PPC traffic with webinars is to actually get people to show up!

If you don't have an audience, you can't convert them and you can't make sales.

The first step for getting people to attend your webinars is to send out promotional emails throughout the week.

According to several studies, the best days to send these emails are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The best days to host webinars are Wednesday or Thursday. According to the same study, the best time to run a webinar is at 11 a.m. PST. However, this obviously depends on your time zone.

So now that you know when you should be hosting your webinars, how do you actually convince people to show up at these times?

The best way, actually the only way, is to present a webinar that genuinely solves a deep pain point that your audience has.

Running a webinar about "What is Paid Traffic?" will have a dismal turnout.

However, running a webinar titled "How to Convert Your PPC Traffic Into Paying Customers and Make Money While You Sleep" will likely pique your audience's interest and result in a large attendance rate.

Step 2: Getting People to Stay in Your Webinar

Ok, so you have crafted an excellent webinar that solves a real problem and you have sent out your emails at the optimal time.

Now what?

Now, you have to perform! You have to keep all of your attendees engaged and interested in what you are presenting. This starts with you.

If you, as a host, are boring and monotone and appear uninterested in what you are teaching, your audience will feed off of that energy and quickly click the "Leave Meeting" button.

However, if you are lively, engaged, funny, and passionate about what you are teaching, your audience will feed off of your energy and get engaged and passionate too!

However, simply being a ball of energy is not going to cut it.

You need to be offering real value throughout the entire webinar and presenting engaging, high-quality slides.

While you want to rely primarily on your own enthusiasm and knowledge to teach your audience, you need to include the proper visuals to accompany your message.

Keep them simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Don't write slides with hundreds of words busting through the screen.

Stick to simple bullet points and impactful images that evoke an emotional response and use your own passion, charm, and enthusiasm to do the rest.

Step 3: Convert Your Attendees into Customers

The final step to convert your PPC traffic (now your attendees) into customers.

Here's the deal. I know a lot of people get nervous selling at the end of the webinar. Don't be.

People don't mind being sold at the end of a webinar, they actually expect it.

And, if you have offered the value that you promised in your emails, odds are, a large portion of the attendees will be craving more information and resources to help them achieve results faster.

After you have finished your main presentation, do a recap of everything your audience has gained from the webinar.

Remind them of the value that you (freely) gave them and the problem that you helped them to solve.

And then dive in. Don't just share a few details either. Dive deep into your product.

The solutions that it provides, what they will learn, what problems they will solve, and how much better their life will be after they use it.

One of the best tactics that I have found for increasing your conversions at the end of a webinar is to offer a one-time only sale to attendees.

Simply offering a 10-20% discount off of your product if they buy within the next hour will increase your conversions rapidly.

And remember.

If your content was genuinely beneficial to your audience, they expect and want to be sold.

So offer as much value as you can and watch the sales come pouring in.


Webinars are by far the most effective way to convey PPC traffic into paying customers.

And the great thing is, they are not that complicated.

They may take a little bit of work up front to fine tune your message and create really kickass slides.

But once the grunt work is done, you will only have to invest about 2 hours a week and you can sit back and watch your revenue grow like a wildfire.

What is your favorite way to convert PPC traffic using webinars?

Published on: Aug 18, 2016
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