Katy Perry is one of the most popular celebrities on the planet, winning numerous awards, including four Guinness World Records. A fixture of Billboard's sales charts, Perry is a force in the music industry, inspiring future stars to follow her tracks.

Okay, let's switch topics! Ready?

Content marketing is one of the most popular marketing tools on the planet, spawning awards and driving marketing budgets. With 68 percent of CMOs statingcustom content is the future of marketing.


What in the world do Katy Perry and content marketing have in common?

It turns out Katy Perry and content marketing have a lot more in common than we realized. Having spent much of my career working in digital marketing during the pop star's reign at the top of the charts, I've actually noticed quite a few similarities.

I'm a huge fan of learning from everything and everyone I can. I learn from split tests, Instagram experiments, nice clothes, and yes, even pop stars.

Here are some of the commonalities.

1. Content marketing and Katy Perry are both new on the scene.

Marketing through published content has existed nearly as long as the publishing industry itself. However, it wasn't until the late 1990s that the term "content marketing" was used and started to become an industry of its own.

By 2013, over90 percent of companies had incorporated a content marketing strategy, making it a mainstay of the marketing industry and one of the top three marketing avenues.

Katy Perry also had her start in the late 1990s, though she struggled to find success until 2007's breakthrough hit, "I Kissed a Girl." From that point on, Perry became a staple of radio rotations, iTunes playlists, entertainment news, and awards shows.

2. Content marketing and Katy Perry both drive sales.

According to Billboard and the RIAA, Katy Perry has been certified for selling 83.5 million digital singles and over 11 million albums worldwide. As of April 2016, she holds the record for most 5-million-selling singles in the United States with 6 of her singles reaching thismulti-platinum level.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that both B2B and B2C marketersfocus on content marketing to drive sales, though B2B's first priority is to generate quality leads. Although much of this focus is on social media content, companies that blog are13x more likely to generate a positive marketing ROI.

3. Content marketing and Katy Perry both hire writers.

Many people don't blog or write articles because of a fear of writing quality content. The truth is much of the content you read and hear, from James Patterson's latest novel to President Obama's speeches were written by other people.Ghostwriting is a common practice in content marketing as well.

Katy Perry isn't doing all the writing work herself either. "I Kissed a Girl" was co-written with Dr. Luke, andBonnie McKee is responsible for penning many of her other hits. Behind every great artist is some low-paid schmuck laying the ground work.

4. The "content" isn't just the articles (or songs). It's all part of a bigger package.

Of course, award-winning content is simply a way to drive brand affinity, awareness, and sales. Although killer content is necessary for the marketing project to be successful, it's the avenue, not the final goal.

Katy Perry's main source of income isn't her singles either. Based on industry averages, she likely makes about$23.40 for every $1000 in sales of her songs. The lion's share of a recording artist's revenue actually comes from tours, merchandising, and licensing residuals.

Content marketing is much the same way. You probably don't make actual money from selling your articles, Tweets, or scopes, do you? That's not the point. The point is to improve brand visibility and coax customers into your funnel.

5. Katy Perry and content marketing are connected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Story of Content premiered in September 2015at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland on the eve of Content Marketing World. Although never officially inducted, performing at this prestigious museum is an honor not many achieve.

Katy Perry is also on exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Though not officially inducted (yet), some of her iconic outfits and personal items are a part of the "Right Here, Right Now" exhibit, which displays the evolution of rock and roll from the beginning to the present.

6. Content marketing and Katy Perry are both popular on Twitter.

Over 80-percent of bothB2B andB2C marketers consider Twitter a valuable platform for content marketing. Content marketers love the microblogging site because of the ease of spreading quick content that's easily digested and shared by followers.

The Guinness World Record for largest Twitter account is Katy Perry, with 86.7 million followers as of April 2016. This makes Perry's Twitter following larger than any government, corporation, sports team, and probably your entire social network combined.

7. Both content marketing and Katy Perry are still trying to figure out how to woo millennials.

Despite her popularity, Perry often finds it difficult to convince her young fan base to champion her causes. Prior to the March 2016 Democratic primaries, savvy social media maven Hillary Clinton recruited the singer to help promote her presidential aspirations on Twitter. Perry's fans immediately turned on her, proclaiming opponent Bernie Sanders the better candidate.

Perry and Clinton aren't the only ones having trouble connecting with millennials. A joint research study conducted by Yahoo, Razorfish, Tumblr, and DigitasLBi shows at least 45-percent of millennials don't find content marketing compelling enough to share.

Wielding a combined $1.4 trillion in spending power in the U.S. by 2020, appealing to this demographic is crucial--but tough.

8. Katy Perry and Content Marketing are both trying to sell something.

Part of the reason millennials don't connect with content marketing is because it can often come off as too salesy. Many content marketers believe link placement is the only quantifiable value of their content marketing strategy. Because of this, they often fail in delivering true value to readers who would have searched you out later.

Not one to be waste the world's largest Twitter following, the most prominent feature of @KatyPerry on Twitter is a link to her new line of cosmetics for Cover Girl.

Although she may not be able to rally voters for Hillary, she can certainly push more purple lipstick and blue eyeliner than I ever will.

9. Katy Perry and content marketing are both a pretty big deal.

If you haven't heard of Katy Perry before reading this article, one can only wonder how you got an Internet connection under that rock. A Google search of her name produces about 72 million results, with nearly 14 million news articles and 18 million videos. Whether she buys real estate, dyes her hair, dates, or leaves the house, the woman is sure to end up making headlines.

Content marketing is a big deal, too. By now, 90% of businesses are using content marketing as part of their marketing strategy.

And when done right, a proper content marketing strategy will keep your brand in the news as well. Every media outlet needs contributors, sources, and analysts. By employing staff that can fulfill these roles, your brand can join the countless others sharing the spotlight of the mainstream media.


One of the planet's most famous pop stars and the world's most popular digital marketing avenue have a lot more in common than it would appear at first glance.

Though she may seem like just a sugary teenybopper without substance, Katy Perry is actually a savvy businesswoman. She uses her platform to champion causes she believes in and sell products. Deep down, she's a content marketer just like you and me.

What content marketing lessons can you learn from Katy Perry?