If you are looking to rapidly grow your business, then Facebook is definitely the channel you need to jump on.

Over the past decade or so, Facebook has quickly become one of the largest sites on the internet.

On a daily basis it hosts billions of users and hundreds of millions of businesses.

This means that competition on Facebook is fierce and the battle for fans is very real. Your potential customers have thousands of other voices all vying for their attention.

However, with a few simple steps, you can massively increase your odds of Facebook marketing success.

By following the three-step process I lay out in this article, you can cut through the noise and grab your audience's attention, growing your brand and your business faster than ever before.

Sound like a plan?

Then let's get to it.

Step 1: Create Brilliant Content

Good content spreads fast.

Any marketer who has been in the game for a while knows content marketing has become more challenging in the last four or five years.

Companies using Facebook to reach their target audience used to have it easy.

Now, however, they have to compete more than ever before for their chance at the spotlight. There's simply less room on the stage for companies to be seen and grow their reach.

As an entrepreneur with a limited budget and resources, it may seem like a fool's errand to try and compete with mega-million companies with seemingly bottomless pockets.

However, this is simply not the case.

Regardless of your budget, the market responds to brands who offer tremendous amounts of value.

Therefore, the first, and most important, step to succeeding at Facebook marketing is to create brilliant content day in and day out.

Here are a few of tips to help ensure that you show up your audience's newsfeed and are actually heard above all the noise.

Approach Your Content Strategy with a Community Mindset

One of the most important things that you can do with regards to Facebook marketing success is to create content with the goal of developing a community.

Write content that provokes conversation, and, dare I say it, maybe even a little controversy.

If you do this, you will increase audience engagement and increase the odds of your content getting shared and going viral.

Stick to What Works

In the modern market, it is essential that you stick to what works.

Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Most content marketers today try to shoot for the moon with every piece of content, creating mountains of work and lots of stress.


To create brilliant content, just look at the common themes with articles currently reaching virality and model their success.

Quick tip: at the moment, the most common types of viral articles are listed "why" posts. For example, "25 Reasons Why You Should Do X Before Z."

Keep up with the Competition

What I mean by this is that it is important for you to consistently track what your competitors are doing.

See what is working for them, what isn't, and what weak spots they have that would allow you to offer greater value to your target audience.

Step 2: Build Your Tribe

Once you have started creating high quality content on a consistent basis, the next step is to use that content as a springboard to build a massive tribe.

One of the most important mindset shifts for creating that tribe mentality among your followers comes from the great Seth Godin.

"People like us do things like this."

If you can cultivate a sense of commonality among your followers and be seen as the leader of their "tribe" they will start to promote your content for you.

This is far better than any sort of paid advertising you could do on your own, and, it's free

Step 3: Analyze

Once you have started creating great content and built up a tribe, it is time to analyze what you are doing to find the weak spots in your armor and the strengths you didn't know you had.

Use the Facebook insights tool to gain a clearer understanding of what is working on Facebook and what isn't.

  • How many shares are you generating for each type of post?
  • What sort of posts generate more engagement?
  • Are you reaching the conversion rates you thought you would?

Once you answer these questions, you can understand where you need to make changes.

And that's the great thing about the data.

It doesn't lie.

So take advantage of analytics tools and use them to create a more compelling Facebook presence.


Being an entrepreneur can be hard work, and learning to master social media platforms like Facebook is no small order.

But with these three simple steps, you can rapidly grow your business and build a community full of loyal customers who cannot wait to buy from you.

What is your most effective Facebook marketing tip?

Published on: Aug 25, 2016