Netflix has made it chill for companies to joke about sex, at least on Twitter.

Hijacking and tweaking an existing meme relating to double entendres, the company's Twitter feed on Thursday asked followers for things "you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand twitter account."

And boy did it get a response.

Despite the almost not-suitable-for-work theme, managers of other corporate Twitter accounts-- not to mention numerous everyday people-- replied by the dozens. Among them were representatives of Arby's:

and Paramount:

The meme is premised on finding double entendres that work in multiple situations. For the joke to work, all you need is a place or situation, a stock photo to go with it, and the stock photo of a man and woman seemingly engaged in intimate relations that's been central to the theme.

Here are some of the many iterations of the meme so far:

This post on November 29 predates most of the memes, and seems to have kicked off the trend.

Seemingly every brand wanted to get in on the joke.

Rival service Hulu even suggested "Netflix and chill."

Even AT&T jumped in.

IMDb wouldn't be left out, either.

People quickly found ways to apply it to just about everything.

Several people had the idea to relate it to the ongoing impeachment hearings.

People also quickly applied the joke to pop culture icons such as "Star Wars."

Fans were pretty creative in their responses.

Lots of people found time to watch "The Irishman" over Thanksgiving, and it found a place in the memes.

The meme, as most do, evolved quickly and versions of it have begun to reference other memes.

Meanwhile, others have flipped the meme itself.

This post originally appeared on Business Insider.