Information Technology mentor Brad Brown responds to the following question from an user:
I plan to start a small business. I want to have my e-mail address as follows: I also plan to have the domain name of my company registered. Where can I get the e-mail address as indicated?

I will be doing business in a country with poor ISP services and infrastructure. Can you suggest a reliable international service I can subscribe to? I should be able to move to another ISP with my company name if need be. I tried, but it has a minimum requirement of 20 mailboxes.

Brad Brown's response:
In my opinion, you'll find everything you're lookingfor if you select a "large" Internet service provider (ISP). These ISPs can provide all the servicesyou've requested. They can set up your company's domain name(i.e.,, host your Web site, and provide you with e-mailaddresses. These ISPs will often provide the e-mail service without any minimumnumber of e-mail addresses. I suggest that you look at several to compare their costs and services. Examples of large ISPs include AOL, MindSpring, and MCI/WorldCom.

I use MindSpring. MindSpring has a Global Roaming Service that allows you to connect to an ISP almost anywhere in the world by dialing a local phone number. I use this service not only when I'm traveling throughout the United States but also around the globe.

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