Nov. 14, 2005--The business world is mourning the loss of arguably its most prolific contributor to management ideology. Peter Drucker, who passed away on Nov. 11 at the age of 95, wrote, spoke, taught, and consulted on the topic of management for the better part of seven decades. In that time, he published 35 books, countless articles, and became the "uber mentor" of businesspeople, in large and small companies alike.

Drucker had an amazing ability to predict what was coming next, and distilled management into actionable terms for entrepreneurs, eschewing fads of the day. As George Gendron, Inc.'s founding editor-in-chief, once said in a 1996 article, "Both the man and his work have been my intellectual compass for the past two decades." Gendron wasn't alone, and Drucker's works are sure to continue to guide businesses for years to come.

To help honor his legacy, has assembled this collection of articles, book reviews, and Q&As about and with Peter Drucker from our archives:

  • Flash of Genius
    A noted thinker on 20th-century business organization warns about entrepreneurial complacency and delusions.
  • The Hottest Entrepeneur in America
    Inc. magazine's editor-in-chief offers some excerpts from an interview with a noted management expert.
  • The Uber Mentor
    If you needed life-changing advice and could make only one phone call, who would be on the other end? For some, the answer is Peter Drucker.
  • My Life as a Knowledge Worker
    The leading management thinker describes seven personal experiences that taught him how to grow, change, and age.
  • Peter's Principles by Harriet Rubin
    Book editor Rubin talks with Peter Drucker about how he built a long-standing brand around his own knowledge and how to prepare for a career as a solo act.
  • Change Leaders
    In an excerpt from his book, Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter F. Drucker suggests that to thrive in the new millennium, managers must do more than adapt to change: they have to lead it.
  • When Peter Drucker Speaks
    In a review of Drucker's new book, "The World According to Peter Drucker," Speaker of the House Gingrich explains why Drucker is the most influential writer of the 20th century.