If "shrinkage" has become an issue in your retail business, new software from Salt Lake City-based Alpha Bay, may help you prevent future losses.

Alpha Bay will release its new Adaptive Integrated Retail System at the National Retail Federation's Convention and Expo Jan. 14-17.

AIRS is an enterprise retail system that collects and allows users to manage inventory, streamline the supply chain, and analyze sales patterns. The software is database-independent so can be integrated with a business' existing database system.

AIRS has a customizable graphical user interface screen and the system administrator can determine the rights and privileges of each user. The system offers customer profiling and suggested-sale capability.

A loss-prevention agent tool helps the user recognize, track, monitor, and report on theft and fraud. The proprietary technology is built into the transaction architecture and can identify and help business owners to minimize instances of employee theft, customer theft, administrative errors and vendor fraud.

Keep Your Employees Informed

The old tattered workers' compensation poster hanging in your company's break room may not comply with notification regulations -- because you're required to update it anytime those regulations change. Now, rather than ordering new posters by mail order, a new services lets employers to print updates on their own printers.

PostingNotice.com, a new release from FergTech, a Darien, Conn.-based software company, is a Web-based application that lets employers download the latest state-mandated notices and print them on a color laser printer. FergTech keeps the software up-to-date with changing regulations and provides businesses with extra liability protection because it provides employers with a third-party record of when their workers' compensation notices were produced.

Rent an IT Department

For businesses that can't afford an onsite IT person, Austin-based CM IT Solutions now offers an alternative. For a fixed monthly fee, the company's Marathon service offers unlimited maintenance and technical support for your business' technology infrastructure -- including computers, printers, networks, and servers.

Each month, Marathon will perform regular scheduled maintenance on the network, update virus protection, check critical firewall and security settings, and update software patches.

In addition to preventative maintenance, Marathon provides unlimited access to a help-desk technician. The technicians diagnose and fix most problems remotely, but if a technician is required to go on site, there is no additional fee.

The monthly fee varies based on the size and technical needs of the customer's enterprise.