Small retailers often don't have the time or budget to attend trade shows. ProductBlazer, a free online search engine, seeks to provide a quick way to identify new products and wholesale suppliers.

ProductBlazer's service pulls together more than 26,000 innovative products and indexes suppliers' websites, so that the information is searchable on a single engine.

The site also features tools that help users expedite the search process. Retailers have the capability to save results during a search and then access the information during a future date. Additionally, ProductBlazer allows users to categorize their results and sort them with tags. Users can also find results by browsing the pre-built categories of suppliers.

For those looking to compare the top suppliers, Albany, N.Y.-based ProductBlazer offers "Supplier Spotlights," which provide a breakdown of the qualities of various products.

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Got You Covered

Access to affordable health insurance remains a top priority for business owners. In an effort to capitalize on that demand, HumanaOne this week launched a new portfolio of individual health-insurance plans that cater to sole proprietors, people who work for small businesses, and others who do not receive insurance from their employer.

The HumanaOne portfolio includes three in-network coinsurance levels and 17 annual deductible choices. Deductibles range from $1,000 to $7,500 for single coverage plans and from $2,000 to $15,000 for family coverage.

HumanaOne, based in Waukesha, Wisc., is offering three new packages, each designed around a different set of needs. The Portrait plan is targeted to those who want greater security and the type of benefits traditionally offered by big employers. The Autograph plan is designed to allow for flexibility, while the Monogram plan caters to younger customers who are looking for a low-cost safety net. All plans can be further personalized by adding dental insurance, life insurance, and supplemental accident coverage.

"As more people leave group health plans, retire early, become self-employed, or work part-time, they will increasingly look to individual health insurance, and HumanaOne will be there to service them with a plan ideally suited to their distinct needs," said Steven DeRaleau, CEO of HumanaOne.

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The Very Best VoIP, a comparison-shopping site for broadband phone services, announced this week the ratings for the 10 best Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers as chosen by consumers.

The list includes more established brands like Vonage and Sunrocket, as well as emerging providers like Vonics Digital.

In addition to the top 10 list, the site features more than 4,000 user reviews on 163 VoIP providers. The top 10 were chosen based on the highest-rated providers with the most consumer reviews, though the results are not ranked.

"The user rating and reviews are among the most popular features on our website," Eric Laughlin, CEO of, said in a statement. "People rely on these VoIP reviews to get a true perspective on the quality and service each provider offers."

Site visitors can also find information about VoIP technology, read advice articles about VoIP services, ask questions about different providers, and explore VoIP provider websites.

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