It seems most U.S. employees have more than just a day off from work to celebrate this Labor Day, a new survey reveals.

In a survey of 2,469 adults nationwide, 56 percent said they feel appreciated by their employer, according to the latest Workplace Insights Survey by Adecco, a Melville, N.Y.-based workforce-solutions firm.

Feeling valued at work also inspires employee loyalty, the survey found. Three-quarters of respondents reported that they are committed to their employers, with members of Generation X -- ages 30 to 42 -- feeling the most secure in their jobs.

According to Bernadette Kenny, chief career officer at Adecco, the survey results indicate that more companies are improving retention efforts and finding ways to show employees that they are valued and appreciated.

However, the survey also found that feelings of company loyalty often vary by generation. Twenty-one percent of the oldest generation of workers -- 65 years and older -- do not believe that their company is loyal to them, compared to 13 percent of Generation Xers.

In addition to company loyalty, the survey also explored some of the top concerns Americans have about their jobs. While 20 percent of respondents said they do not currently have any job-related worries, the other 80 percent cited work-life balance, a stagnant paycheck, and the rising cost of health-care as the top three work-related concerns.