You're a small business owner. You're constantly on the run. And you're tired of having to reformat existing business reports to view them on your BlackBerry, right?

With MicroStrategy Mobile, small-business users can receive the same reports they do on their desktop on a BlackBerry, without having to adjust the size of large reports to view them on the phone's compact screen. Users can set their own preferences to ensure continual optimal viewing.

MicroStrategy plans to host a webcast on Nov. 15 that will showcase the product and include demonstrations.

To find out more about the webcast, visit

Star in Your Own Commercial

Most small-business owners would love to raise their companies' visibility -- and commercials can be one way to achieve that.

ZANA Network, a Farmington Hills, Mich.-based online sales, marketing, and business development company, announced this week that it is teaming up with Grace & Wild, a production company, to provide 30- or 60-second TV commercials and Web videos to small and midsize businesses.

The service is available to ZANA Network members and filming will be done at the member's location.

"These are top quality productions delivered professionally at an extremely attractive price," Steven Wild, president of Grace & Wild, said in a statement. "We are making it efficient and cost-effective for small businesses to elevate their visibility and awareness."

A 15 percent discount is available until Oct. 15 for Michigan companies that enroll in ZANA Network during the "Michigan Jump Start" program -- a promotion that provides free one-year memberships for Michigan companies.

ZANA Network monthly memberships run $40. For more information, visit

Bond. Surety Bond

Small businesses looking to obtain surety bonds now have round-the-clock access to bond applications thanks to the Small Business Administration and its new online application process.

Small construction, service, and supply companies that need bonding can now apply for SBA surety bond guarantee assistance online 24 hours a day, seven days a week at Through the assistance program, the SBA works with surety companies to provide bid, payment, and performance bonds on contracts valued at up to $2 million.

"These changes will support small businesses nationwide, particularly construction contractors in the devastated Gulf Coast region and other disaster stricken areas around the U.S," SBA Administrator Steve Preston said in a statement.

These bonds protect the project owner against financial loss in the case of default and also protect taxpayer dollars in public construction projects.