Avaya (NYSE:AV)  has decided to use the VoIP technology of Broadcom (NASDAQ:BRCM)  to power two award-winning lines of its one-X Deskphone IP telephones. Avaya's 9600 series is designed for enterprise customers, and the 1600 series is tailored and priced for small and midsize business customers.

The one-X Deskphone Value Edition or 1600 series includes a high-end model, which features Broadcom's BCM1104 VoIP processor. The BCM1104 integrates a Gigabit Ethernet switch and Fast Ethernet PHYs, running all control and signal processing tasks on the MIPS processor core rather than using a costly embedded digital signal processor.

Two additional phones in the 1600 series feature Broadcom's BCM1190 IP phone chip. Broadcom integrates core VoIP technologies, along with audio processing, connectivity and processing functions, into a single silicon die. Its VoIP chips support the PhonexChange software development environment, which allows customers to implement new software across multiple products.

Published on: Nov 7, 2007