Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions provider Maximizer Software has unveiled the 10th version of its CRM solution designed and priced for small and midsize businesses. Maximizer CRM 10 is offered in three editions to meet the varied needs of this market segment.

The new release features enhanced business intelligence capabilities, including improved reporting, with more than 175 out-of-the-box reports, better dashboards, Vista Gadget desktop dashboards, and a key partnership with 90 Degree Software that will allow users to more easily search, share, collaborate and create reporting assets with an Office-like interface. It also offers on-demand sales and professional coaching.

Additional enhancements include more robust Web access, such as improved e-mail integration with Microsoft Exchange, out-of-the-box accounting integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP, and better sales territories, time and task management. Maximizer CRM 10 is available starting at $499 per user for desktop or Web access, and $699 for dual access.

Published on: Nov 14, 2007