8x8 (NASDAQ:EGHT) has unveiled a new user-friendly mobile calling service that offers affordable, high-quality digital voice for overseas calling. Packet8 MobileTalk uses a downloadable software application that is compatible with any Windows-, Palm- or Symbian-based mobile phone.

The new software allows users to dial directly from their mobile handset. It automatically identifies the international prefix and redirects the call to a local Packet8 network access number. As all calls are carried to the Packet8 network over the subscriber’s existing cellular voice phone service, they do not require access to a monthly data plan or WiFi access point.

"Most mobile phone users typically avoid placing overseas calls from their cell phones because of the exorbitant rates their mobile carriers are charging. With Packet8 MobileTalk, subscribers won't think twice about calling Europe or Asia because instead of $1.00 to $3.00 per minute, they will be paying as little as $0.02 to $0.05 per minute over the Packet8 network to most destinations," 8x8 chairman and CEO Bryan R. Martin, said in a statement.

Published on: Nov 19, 2007