iBasis (NASDAQ:IBAS) has added new features to its online calling service, Pingo, which will allow consumers and small businesses to make better use of use VoIP technology for low-cost international calling.

Pingo now features an interactive voice response system that alerts users when their account balance is low and allows them to replenish it by simply pressing the star key. It also now features enhanced speed-dialing capabilities.

Pingo and Pingo Business online calling service deliver the advantages of VoIP technology via landlines or mobile phone without the need for additional equipment or software. Pingo Business offers small and midsize businesses reliable, user-friendly international calling for up to 999 employees on an on-demand basis. Business owners can set up individual spending limits for employees, monitor usage and manage account balances through a centralized account.

iBasis is one of the top three carriers of international phone calls and operates the world’s most extensive international VoIP network.

Published on: Nov 26, 2007