Cross-platform data protection and archiving solutions provider Atempo has extended support of its Time Navigator backup and recovery software to include Mac OS X Leopard. Compatibility with the latest Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)  operating system provides enterprise-class data protection to data-intensive businesses that use Mac-based servers and computers.

Time Navigator is a platform-independent secure tiered storage management solution. It allows for high-speed data restoration from any point in time through a time-based registry management process. The software combines data protection and storage security to enable companies to meet critical business requirements for digital privacy, regulatory compliance and non-repudiated long-term archiving. Its user-friendly interface simplifies management of snapshots, replication, disk and tape backups, archival and recovery operations, as well as that of multiple servers and remote sites.

Time Navigator for Mac OS X Leopard is a scalable solution that includes features customized for the Mac experience. With its native Mac OS X interface and dedicated widget, it simplifies the management of data across multiple levels of storage media.

Published on: Nov 27, 2007