Aruba Networks (NASDAQ:ARUN) has unveiled a new generation of high-performance products that enable the convergence of 802.11n wireless LANs, firewall-enforced user access control, cellular-to-Wi-Fi integration, and secure remote access into a single unified mobile network. Multi-Service Mobility Controllers and 802.11n Access Points provide a high-speed, highly adaptable cost-effective wireless network that is centrally managed and secure.

Aruba's new Multi-Service Mobility Module can be used with new or retrofitted to existing A-5000 and A-6000 Multi-Service Mobility Controllers, and features a 32-core, multi-threaded network processor with dedicated cryptographic core processors. Its expanded controller lineup includes the A-3000 Multi-Service Mobility Controller family, designed for small and midsize businesses. The A-3000s provide up to 8Gbps throughput and support up to 2048 users, 128 local access points, and 512 remote access points.

Aruba's new dual-radio AP-124 and AP-125 802.11n Access Point family can be used for wireless access, intrusion detection monitoring, traffic analysis, secure enterprise mesh, or remote access point applications.


Published on: Nov 5, 2007