While three quarters of employees say they give enough "thanks" to their coworkers, a majority believe they do no get enough appreciation for their efforts.

A recent survey by Adecco USA found 65 percent of employees would like to receive more "thanks" at their jobs, although 52 percent said their boss does a good job of thanking them.

"Recognizing the value of your employees, even with something as simple as a ‘thank you’ for a job well done is an important aspect of strong employee satisfaction and retention,” Bernadette Kenny, Chief Career Officer of Adecco Group North America, said in a statement. "Today’s savvy managers realize that an employee who feels undervalued won’t stick around for long."

Employees prefer to be thanked for their achievements face to face. The survey found 68 percent of respondents think an email "thank you" is worse than being thanked in person.

In addition, younger employees are more likely to crave appreciation at the office. Over 75 percent of Generation Y (those aged 18-29) said more thanks would bring more motivation to do a better job, compared to 36 percent of the Silent Generation (ages 62 and above).