With technology making it easier than ever for workers to access their office computers remotely, more people are working from home and other offsite locations, according to a recent study by the polling company.

In a survey of 600 U.S. workers, 23 percent said they regularly work from somewhere other than the office, while another 62 percent said they would like to. Of 100 small-business owners polled, 41 percent said they work from home on a regular basis.

"The evidence is strong that web commuting represents a future where the workplace will be everywhere," Kellyanne Conway, CEO and president of the Washington-based polling firm, said in a statement. "Employers should take heed, if they want to attract and retain talent, because web commuting is a benefit people value highly."

The study, "Web Commuting & the American Workforce," was sponsored by Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems (NASDAQ:CTXS).