Video, data, and voice services provider RCN (NASDAQ:RCNI)  has unveiled its new themed programming packages for Business Services customers looking to offer their clientele quality Hispanic programming. MiVisión includes more than 30 leading Spanish-language channels, similar to what is available to RCN's residential customers.

"Whether you own or run a small or large business, doctor or law office, beauty salon, restaurant, trading floor or auto shop, we can provide you with access to top-rated programming from every Spanish-speaking country in the world," Brad Martin, Sr. director of business services marketing and operations, said in a statement.

Business Services clients can either opt for all of MiVisión's programming or choose a smaller subject-oriented package. Paquete de Variedad provides a varied collection of leading programming content, including movies, art, music, daytime dramas and news. Paquete de Países provides predominantly channels from a customer’s homeland, as well as six more from the rest of the Latin world. Paquete para Niños features content for children and Paquete de Deportes features sports programming.

Published on: Dec 3, 2007