MasterCard Worldwide  (NYSE:MA) has introduced a new Web-based expense and information management solution to help businesses control costs, find profits and better meet compliance requirements.

The MasterCard smartdata.gen2 provides businesses with integrated, global expense spending analysis and multiple robust reporting options to manage expenditures. It offers issuers a customizable, modular, scalable design to fit multiple commercial card programs and market segments.

Powered by the MasterCard Global Data Repository, smartdata.gen2 protects data using industry standard protocols and data encryption. Benefits for businesses include integrated reporting views and insights that transform data into business intelligence, simplified global analysis and reporting, spend data detail, streamlined accounting processes, and customizable expense monitoring, such as spend alerts.

For issuers, benefits include help in securing new business and strengthening existing customer relationships, a reduction in paper and therefore costs, seamless integration into existing platforms, and dedicated customer support.

Published on: Dec 3, 2007