Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) has unveiled a new organizational model in its technology development organization that will optimize the company's ability to drive development of new communications technologies. Cisco Development Organization (CDO) will now be divided into four groups, each specializing in a certain market segment, including a new team focused on developing products and services for small business customers.

The Consumer and Small Business Group, which includes Linksys, will be responsible for driving the expansion of Cisco's existing business in both the consumer and small business markets. The Access Networking and Services Group will be responsible for integrated services routers, fixed configuration switches, wireless and security products, with a focus on integrating networking services onto Cisco's full range of products. The Data Center, Switching & Services Group will develop the company’s enterprise-class products. The Software Group will devise the company’s software strategy at both the network and services level.

The reorganization also features a new development council, which will help drive Cisco’s delivery of more focused and integrated products and solutions to its customers.

Published on: Dec 10, 2007