QLogic (NASDAQ:QLGC)  has introduced new SANblade Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) that will offer N_Port_ID Virtualization (NPIV) for the upcoming release of VMware Infrastructure, which will feature VMware ESX Server 3.5 and VirtualCenter 2.5. The new HBAs provide the benefits of hardware-assist virtualization to customers, including enhanced quality-of-service and dynamic provisioning without restrictions on zoning and LUN masking.

"VMware has established itself as the leader in infrastructure virtualization for industry-standard systems," Amit Vashi, vice president of marketing at QLogic Host Solutions Group, said in a statement. "Customers have been eagerly awaiting HBA-level virtualization solutions for VMware Infrastructure environments, which give businesses the advanced automation solutions and virtual infrastructure capabilities they require. As with previous versions of VMware Infrastructure, we have optimized our SANblade HBAs to provide an excellent user experience."

Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware, added that leveraging the co-development resources provided through the VMware Community Source program enabled QLogic to offer NPIV, which allows end users to transfer SAN best practices from the physical world to virtualized environments.

Published on: Dec 11, 2007