Utica, N.Y.-based e-mail marketing server Zrinity has launched a new Behavioral E-mail Marketing Strategy that leverages Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) Google Analytics to bolster metrics and data gathering from e-mail campaigns sent using Zrinity's e-mail delivery server and systems.

Zrinity delivery coders have tied the e-mail campaign directly into Google Analytics, enabling customers to use the metrics provided by Zrinity E-mail systems to determine bounce rates, delivery rates and other campaign testing factors. The company has also started implementing new Best Practices Pricing for their e-mail system customers. Zrinity will monitor e-mail senders for pricing purposes, as well as to provide them with metrics.

In addition, Zrinity will offer an in-house hosted e-mail marketing server and complete e-mail list management system for up to one million messages per hour to small businesses that send in a summary of their business plan and contact details.

Published on: Dec 17, 2007