Iomega (NYSE:IOM) has unveiled its newest tool in the defense against data disasters. Iomega Never Down software for Windows PCs, which uses an eSATA interface, was launched in conjunction with Iomega's new high-capacity eSATA interface desktop hard drives. Ideal for small and home offices, Never Down software combines total system backups with instant recovery.

The new system protection program keeps a complete, uncompressed backup copy of a Windows laptop or desktop computer's system drive on an external eSATA hard drive. Never Down creates backup copies manually or through Microsoft's Scheduled Task Wizard.

"Iomega's Never Down software is changing people's thinking about backups for the home office and small business systems," Peter Wharton, vice president of marketing at Iomega, said in a statement. "Never Down software is like having another house or office. You can actually run your system from your backup drive; you don't have to interrupt your work while you wait for a PC repair."

Published on: Dec 19, 2007