IBM (NYSE:IBM) has unveiled its new corporate social networking visualization and analysis tool. IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections is designed to help companies get the most out of their social software by identifying key experts on a given topic and how to spot relationships between various contact groups.

Comprised of four components -- My Net, Find, Reach and Net -- Atlas uses My Net to provide a visual indication of the important hubs among topic experts and informal groups that have developed while working on similar projects. The Find component builds on core Lotus Connections expertise by taking searches beyond the corporate directory to include results based on social data such as reporting structures, blogs and communities.

"When you apply social software to business processes, it's critical to see and understand the relationships between groups, people and information," Jeff Schick, vice president of social software for IBM Lotus, said in a statement. "Atlas helps workers navigate their social networks and use these relationships to rally around ideas and projects instead of using organization charts. This speeds decision making and improves efficiency."

Published on: Dec 20, 2007