Over a third of American entrepreneurs are dyslexic, according to research by the Cass Business School in London. In the U.S. as a whole 15 percent have dyslexia or another learning disability.

In addition, the study showed dyslexic entrepreneurs have better oral communications and problem solving skills than non-dyslexics. They also excel at delegating tasks. Dyslexic business owners on average manage 25 employees, compared to 17 employees for non-dyslexics.

The research, which compared dyslexia and entrepreneurship in the U.S and the U.K, found the American school system is better at identifying dyslexia and helping dyslexic students overcome their learning disability.

"Dyslexics need to be placed in a more holistic and practical teaching setting which will foster their skills and enhance their potential," Julie Logan, one of the researchers, said in a statement. "This approach would produce a more flourishing entrepreneurial society."